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How to Keep The Kids Entertained on Vacation

When you’ve got little ones, you’ll know that deciding on your annual family vacation isn’t as easy as it once was. There are so many aspects to take into account when choosing a family-friendly destination; Are there plenty of restaurants with children’s menus? Is the area safe? Will there be enough activities to keep everyone happy?

Of course, the absolute top family destination in the world is Florida. With its numerous theme parks, beaches and nature reserves it’s really no wonder the state receives more than 80 million visitors each year. But you’ve ‘done’ Florida. You’ve been year after year, and while the kids love it, you’re looking for a change.

Have an open mind. Consider destinations and modes of transport that you’ve never considered before. One example is cruising. No longer reserved solely for the rich upper classes, cruises are becoming increasingly popular as they’re convenient, they’re value for money, and, best of all, there are endless on board activities to keep the whole family entertained.

Caribbean cruise liners are some of the biggest in the world. Indeed, the largest passenger vessel in existence completes a variety of Caribbean cruise itineraries each year. It stands to reason that these massive ships are going to have massive opportunities for fun, but you may be surprised to find out exactly what these vessels have to offer.

Appearing more like a small floating city than a boat, Caribbean cruise ships can contain anything from ice skating and rollerblading to onboard surfing and zip lines, from golf and basketball to 3D cinemas and traditional carnival carousels. There’s dance acts, magicians, Broadway-style musicals and comedy shows.

Many Caribbean cruise ships cater especially for young guests, from babies all the way through to teens. There’s playgroups suitable from 6 months to 3 years and kid’s clubs for those between 3 and 17 where daily activities are in place such as wall climbing or contests. And there’s no need to worry about letting your young adult head off to the mini disco, as you know they’re only a deck or two away!

Parents aren’t forgotten about, either, as many ships offer on board nurseries or babysitting services which allow Mom and Dad to catch a show, sit down to a peaceful dinner or enjoy a cocktail in the bar.

You needn’t worry about dinner with the kids, as cruises aren’t all black tie anymore. Some of the biggest Caribbean cruise liners boast up to 25 different eateries, ranging from sophisticated French-inspired cuisine to down-to-earth burgers and nachos. There’s even character breakfasts to keep the little ones entertained throughout the meal.

So if you’re after a vacation that’s a bit different to normal, why not consider a Caribbean cruise? Many set sail from Fort Lauderdale or Miami so if you’re really desperate for a bit of time in Florida, why not combine the two? You don’t need to spend a full two weeks at sea, as Caribbean cruise itineraries are available from just 2 nights.

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